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Reflecting on Education Review's biggest topics from the past 20 years


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The 20th birthday of Education Review provides a good opportunity to reflect on the changes the magazine has seen in that time. Over this e-edition and the next, we will bring you some of the main issues that have confronted the education sector over the past two decades.

JudeEducation Review began in 1996 as a weekly publication edited by Janet Rivers, with a team of three journalists. John Gerritsen was at the helm from 2005 until 2010 and I took the editorial reins in 2011. Over the years, Education Review has changed size, format and frequency, as digital technology has come more into play and advertising trends have fluctuated.

In 2010 the magazine underwent a radical transformation, replacing its ‘newsletter’ format with what it is today; five themed issues a year, each issue focusing on a different area of education in New Zealand. Education Review now has all the anticipated bells and whistles – an interactive website and social media presence.

Regardless of its techy features and the shape it takes, one thing has been a constant for Education Review: its role as an independent and objective mouthpiece for New Zealand schools, early childhood education centres and tertiary institutions is what stands it apart.

NZME Head of Government Bronwen Wilkins has been involved with Education Review since its early days.

“From its inception, Education Review has provided investigative, balanced, well-researched and insightful analysis of the sector. From reforms, a new system for assessment and charter schools to the increase of the age of school leavers – to name just a few subjects – Education Review has helped us to understand and celebrate the evolution of education in New Zealand,” she says.

“Thank you, our readers and contributors, for being with us on this journey; your opinions, participation and support enables us to be part of the sector and not simply cover it.”

As I reflect on my last six years as editor, it isn’t hard to select the most eventful year in the education sector. The year 2012 was without doubt the most tumultuous and controversial. From the Ministry’s u-turn on class sizes, to charter schools, to National Standards league tables, to the Christchurch Education Renewal Plan, to Novopay – it was a rocky year for New Zealand education. If it wasn’t for Kim Dotcom, the media spotlight would have hardly strayed from the sector.

Some of these topics are discussed in this e-edition and others will be in the next edition – keep an eye out for it!


Kind regards

Jude Barback
Editor, Education Review

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